The CIGRE Study Commitee A1 - Rotating Electrical Machines consists of Advisory Groups, Working Groups and Task Forces. Each Group reporting to the Study Committee Chairman.

At this time the Study Committee has 4 Advisory Groups and active Working Groups (see udated list on WG Area)

Chairman: Nico Smit

Eskom - Private bag. X5012, Kriel 2271 - South Africa

Tel: +27 82 929 9506 / +27 13 6939182


Secretary: Peter Wiehe

Hydro Tasmania - GPO Box 464, Hobart, Tasmania 7001- Australia       

Tel: +61 437 976 496

Advisory Groups    

RefTitleConvener Dates
(Creation - Disbanding)
AG A1.1Turbine GeneratorsRobert Fenton (
AG A1.2Hydro GeneratorsRemi Tremblay (
AG A1.5New TechnologiesLuis Rouco (
AG A1.6Large MotorsErli Figueiredo (


Working Groups - Task Forces

A1.05Economic Evaluation of Generator Refurbishment / Replacement2008-2012William
A1.29Guide on Generator/Power System Inter relationship Issues  2010-2013Luis
A1.31Stator Winding Support Systems and their Influence on the High   Voltage Insulation 2011-2013Franz
A1.32Survey on Small Hydro Power Plants 2011-2012Lu
A1.33Guide for Cleanliness and Proper Storage of Generators and   Components2011-2013Kevin
A1.34Testing Voltage of Doubly-Fed Asynchronous Generator-Motor   Rotor Winding for Pumped Storage System2011-2014Osamu
A1.35Hydroelectric Generators behaviour under abnormal operation   conditions2011-2014Rudra
A1.36Vibration and stability problems met in new, old and   refurbished Hydro-generators, root causes and consequences2012-2014Jouni Juhani
A1.37Turbogenerator Stator Winding Support System Experience2011-2013Alberto
A1.38Generator On-Line Over and Under Excitation Operation issues2012-2014Rodica
A1.39Application of dielectric dissipation factor measurements on   new stator coils and bars2012-2014Howard
A1.40Survey on Hydro Generator Instrumentation and Monitoring2012-2016Mark
A1.41Guide on lifetime management for generator main   components 2013-2016Vincent
A1.42Influence of Key Requirements on the Cost of Hydrogenerators2013-2015Eduardo
A1.43State of the art of rotor temperature measurement2013-2017Ante 
A1.44Guideline on Testing of Large Turbo-Generators2013-2014David
A1.45Guide for Determining the Health Index of Large Electric   Motors   2014-2016Phumlani
A1.46Guide on Use of Premium Efficiency Motors & Carbon Credit   Claim2014-2016Dhananjay Kr